We have always found ways to improve on how we do things, and this also applies to education and how we take on learning. While some traditional methods are coming back, some may be becoming obsolete little by little.

Using Technology

Most traditional methods fail mainly due to the cost students have to incur and the amount of hours they have to spend in one location. Modern universities would cost a great deal if a student wishes to study on location and this is not possible for many who want to learn. Even if the cost is no issue, having to spend a great deal of time away from home has also added to the negative inclinations attributed to traditional learning methods. However a leap in technology has allowed a new method of study, which is called online learning or e – learning.


This method does not limit a student by the location he or she is in nor does it limit a student based on the amount he / she can spend. Traditional courses also put limitations on students by making courses mandatory, in such situations candidates have no option but to go and sit through a lesson that make no sense to them. However in this technologically advanced method, freedom is readily given to select only what needs to be studied. Looking closely at online study, one can identify many more benefits as listed below;

Location is no barrier: in this new method of study, living in the western world, or the third world does not matter. Courses are readily available online to access and enrol from the comfort of their homes. Trained counsellors and other information needed are also available online so they need not travel to distant locations.

no barrier

Study what you want: another great benefit of this method is allowing individuals to decide on their study program. They have the freedom to decide on the subjects and how they will approach it.

You set the pace: no longer does one have to follow a rigid study plan or curriculum. The new approach to learning allows anyone who wishes to study to plan and organise their subjects so that they do not get forced in to impractical situations. This is great not only for high school hopefuls but also for working professionals who wish to further their knowledge and academic qualifications.

study plan

Automated systems: e learning is managed and run through sophisticated management systems built specifically for students and teachers in mind. These systems allowfaculty and management to carry out curriculum management, student enrolment, assessment and even providing feedback through one cohesive approach.

Saves cost: one major advantage is that online learning allows studies at relatively low costs. Travelling and lodging costs are some of the area’s major savings are made in. Savings are also made in the long term when it comes to support material such as books, and other learning resources. The online approach allows these resources to be stored online where they can be accessed remotely via smart devices. Therefore printing and spending on physical publishing is greatly lessened.

Therefore it can be argued that online learning is a promising way of the future.

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