Education has come a long way. Starting from home schooling to university and specialised higher studies. However there have been instances where education has become a purely academic exercise with very little value to wider society and individuals at large. More and more academics are pushing for a learning system that mirrors real life scenarios and less focus on theoretical concepts. It does not mean theory is going to be obsolete, but it is about more focus being placed on application of theory in real life situations.


More and more academics argue that what students are taught in school or in higher studies need to be applicable in real life settings. They further argue that when one learn in a context that can be practically applicable, they are more likely to be interested in the subject matter and full heartedly follow their courses of study. Not only this, when value is added to the subjects they study by way of applicability it will create a body of individuals that will grow to be successful in their real lives, no matter what they take on to do.

Authentic Learning

Authentic Learning

Hence a new system of learning is being created which is called authentic learning. Under this future strategy,education will take a different approach. In most traditional practices, students are taught what they need to know, there isvery little or no interaction or participation from candidates in the learning process, other than answering questions that are being asked.  In this approach, education is looked at gaining more knowledge, and very little understanding of application of the knowledge gained.

Authentic Learning

In authentic learning, a more proactive and collaborative approach to learning is undertaken. Individuals take a more active role in the whole learning process.Teachers and knowledge providers allow groups to engage themselves in self assessment, critical thinking, questioning everything & finding solutions, all in the context of real life situations. Taking such an approach allows one to think independently, give their own perspective to situations and bring in their own experiences to the classroom.

This mode of study also creates a set of individuals more sensitive to wider world situations than only their own. Authentic learning also opens ways for more employment in vocational categories, as candidates will focus on studying subjects that really interest them as opposed to only what is in demand. As they will be able to further study what they are naturally skilled at, they will grow to be more satisfied individuals as opposed to being stuck in a stressful day job. It is said that authentic learning will create more opportunities for vocational studies and develop a better prepared set of youth, ready to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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