A training and development session for your company employees ticks off many boxes such as increasing engagement, increasing productivity and improving communication between employers and employees. However during many of these training and development sessions you will also see that the program pushes through and the participants simply watch and wait without any real form of creative or productive feedback. Here are some ways in which you can address this issue and make for a training session that is engaging for your employees.

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Get the Right People to Give Insight

One great way of getting the attention and interest of your employees peaked is by getting the right people who know how to address the program to speak. For example, an individual like Mark Carter would be able to speak intelligently to your employees and get them to interact and participate more during the training session. Make sure that when you do get people to address the training you get them from the right professional and academic backgrounds and also employ those who are good at public speaking.

Plan Out Meaningful Activities

Having everyone seated down for the entire day and having different people come and talk to them alone will not drive any point home. As humans, we all have a limited attention span and once that has exceeded our minds will automatically drift. It is this challenge that you must think about overcoming if you are to make sure that the training and development session is a success. Always try to make sure that there are enough activities to capture the attention of the participants. These can either be group activities or individual activities. Either way, make sure that lecture upon lecture is not how the program proceeds.

Get Feedback From Employees Not After But Before

At the end of many training sessions, there is a general evaluation form that gets passed around which employees are expected to fill out. This allows employees to give feedback on what was dealt with and what they felt about the training. There is actually little use of getting this feedback after the training session. Before you plan out a training session, get input from the potential participants about what kind of training they feel they need and what kind of components they would like to have incorporated during the training. This would definitely prove more useful as it will give you a better chance of understanding the problem areas of employees. It will also give you a chance to address those issues immediately based on data that has been received.

Is Everyone On The Same Page?

When a person who is lecturing at the training talks to the audience, they need to make sure that the audience understands what they are talking about and enjoys listening to them. No matter how good they are at what they do, if nobody is able to understand what they are talking about, the lecture in itself would become obsolete. Make sure that everyone is on the same page at the training.

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