Medical professionals are a blessing to a country. They take care of the sick and make sure to uphold a healthy nation. Being a doctor is a huge responsibility as a human’s life can be in your hands. A mans or a womans life is worth so much that it cannot be accurately calculated. No one wants to die same as we do not want to and as a doctor curing people of various maladies is a major accountability. It is also their duty to research and find medicines to new ailments that can arise with changing life styles, food and environmental pollution.

Your ambition – why a doctor?


If you dream of being a doctor it is not a surprise considering the reputation of one and the lucrative returns. But most of all it is the psychological fulfillment of bringing someone’s health back hence making him or her and their family happy. If there is one thing humans cannot run from it is becoming sick and dying. However modern science has helped, and keeps on helping, in finding cures for all sorts of diseases. 100 years ago Malaria was incurable, but today it is a simple illness which has a prescribed course of medicine. Names of medical professionals who went through great hardships to serve their countries and humanity in general are written in history in gold lettering. You can also become such a valuable figure one day.


Pathway to become a doctor


It is, of course, not easy to become a doctor. Most colleges have set the entry requirements so high that without taking an “A” for every subject you are not eligible to join. Even though when “doctor” is mentioned we think it is all about human biology, anatomy and physiology related, physics and chemistry also are necessary bases to enroll as a medical student. Even though you are good in Math, you’d need to take best physics tuition to excel in a level where a medical college is not going to refuse your application.


Working as a doctor


Being a doctor hence, is not easy. But when you are one, imagine the myriad of people who couldn’t make it to the medical college. You are one of a thousand and have been very lucky to strike this opportunity. Now it is your obligation to serve the humanity and enhance what the medical sciences can do to make a healthy nation, improve longevity and eradicate diseases such as cancer which causes havoc in any person’s life. You can join international charity movements such as “doctors without borders” to help in less-fortunate countries too. Even though you spent quite a big amount in becoming a doctor don’t make earning it all back within the shortest period of time your major objective.

From ancient times there were medical men. In the historic times they not only cured people body-wise but also treated patient’s minds. Even in modern science it has been found that mind can withstand much more than we think and can be a strong factor in curing something. So be a doctor who helps people cure by medicines as well as by themselves with the power of their minds.



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