Getting candidate applications for the vacancies can be very simple. But when it comes to the right candidates, the number of candidates who actually match the profile you are looking for is quite less! So, here is a guide dealing with how you can reach for the right candidate and avoid having to filter through too many profiles wasting your precious time! Read below to find out how!

Your time is precious to your company! Having to waste it by going through useless profiles can actually cost you a lot!

Be very specific

Being specific in your call for candidates is the key to getting the most matching resumes as possible.  Just as how you need to make sure that your advertisement is attractive enough to get candidates, you also need to be specific with what you need. If you need an MBA graduate with 10 years of experience in the relevant field but in senior positions then you need to clearly mention this. And make sure that you put in a clause that says only candidates who match the requirements completely to apply! That way you can ensure that most unsuitable candidates will not apply.

Use the right channels of advertising

Again you need to ensure that when you are calling for candidates you need to call through the correct channels. You need to ensure that the medium you use to call for the interview is correct. For instance, let’s say you need to employ a director for the company. Then advertising on the normal papers or even on the television is of no use. You need to advertise on a magazine that is based on finance trends and bought by some of the senior most persons.  In clubs, where the senior persons of companies meet. Or you should device techniques like head hunting for such an opening without publicly announcing a vacancy! This would be a much more appropriate mode of recruiting a director to a well of company!

Get a job bank to do the work for you

One of the best alternative that we have as companies is that option to get a job bank to so the job for us! They will be required to filter through the many candidate profiles that they have on their database or the applications that they receive and forward to you only the most suitable candidates. Like for instance, HR recruiters Singapore will be able to not only call for application of candidates but also choose from a large database of candidates and send to you the most suitable candidates!

Have a set of general questions on the ad

To stop candidates who don’t even have the basics requirements for the job fromapplying, have a set of general questions that need to be answered on the call for candidate advertisement. Have specific questions that is close ended and also relate to the job requirement. And include a final clause saying that if you didn’t answer yes to all then questions then you are disqualified from applying to this opening! This will help in getting rid of having to deal with too much applications!

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