Over the course of time, the first ever invented printing machine required at least four people in order to lift it up and move it to a different area, it used hard pressure just to transfer the ink onto the paper. At present, we can easily carry a printer using only one hand with minimum work required. We have come a long way in the world of delivering printed materials. From papers, shoes, t-shirts, money, and so much more, we’ve transferred ink to so many materials that it seems as if we could do so on every item that ever existed. Since then, the advancement of printing has taken the public market to a storm.

Manifesting your ideas

The technological development on printers has given artists a new opportunity to take their creative works of art into something that can be touched as a whole. Using the latest technology of additive manufacturing singapore, anything that springs into the mind of a person can come its physical form which you can just print it out using your computer and your printer, and what’s great about this one is that you don’t have to have necessary skill set of an artist to make it happen. What you only need is the basic knowledge on how to make your work of art in the computer system and a creative mind!

An opportunity to develop materials

The development of 3d printers is interrelated with the development of materials that we also use. This has led to countless works that we often do not realize are printed. Just recently, a shoe company was able to develop and sell at a limited quantiy to the public a sole that was 3d printed! This is only one of the thousands of things that were printed out and being used by the public.

Functionality and aesthetics

Like I said, additive manufactured products has taken the public to a storm because almost all industries can make use of it. In the field of medicine, scientists and doctors have entered a new phase of organ manufacturing that can help people in need of a new organ, this implies that in the future that once these scientists and doctors are able to make other artificial human organs through 3d printing that can be fully functional and compatible to the human body, people can receive their organs without even waiting for the next human to donate their organs.

We have come a long way in the world of printing, that people can no not only use it on printing newspapers, paperworks, print ad materials, t-shirts and others. People can now create and develop new products that can be revolutionary and groundbreaking in their respective industry.


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