Here are a few ideas to try out and help your child do better in school…

Figure out why he is failing it

It is not true that a failing subject always means he is bad at that subject. Most times, the teaching method of the teacher of that particular subject may not work for your child. Other times, it can be other reasons, such as your child being distracted by or bullied by another student in the class. In the case of the bad teacher, the solution is pretty easy. But in the case of the second, you might have to work hard to get him to confess to you. If he’s distracted (for example, if his crush happens to be in the same class) help him focus on the subject by motivating him to do better. If he is being bullied, help him standup to the bully or, if that fails, take the issue to the authorities.

Consider getting him outside help

If your child is failing physics because he simply doesn’t understand it, perhaps the teaching method used by his teacher is not working for him. If you cannot teach it yourself, get him a qualified teacher. If you live in Bukit Timah, find a local physics tuition Bukit Timah center that will send out private tutors. We understand that sometimes this may be a little too much for your budget. If you happen to know college students, ask them to help you find a tutor who can tutor your child for a lesser fee. Remember that sometimes, they may not be a good teacher as a qualified teacher. However, every bit of help you can offer is valuable to your child’s education.


Help him with his assignments and his homework

Unfortunately, there is only so much teachers from school and private tutors can do for your child. The rest, is up to him. Help him revise; even if it means you stay up with him to study. If your child remembers equations well if he explains them to someone, become his student. Ask questions, find the solution together. Help him with his assignments and homework¾especially if it will be graded. Make him understand that since it is a hard subject for him, it is necessary to revise regularly.

Be supportive and motivate him

Teach yourself patience. Yes, you might have though him the same thing 10 times already; but he doesn’t get it. Instead of being mad at him for not understanding, find a different method to teach it to him. Challenge him, motivate him and reward him. Be supportive, for children can achieve wonders if they have the support of their parents…


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