With the way the world is moving and turning in to a global village, the need to keep up with the standards expected, also keeps increasing. The need to know about what other countries are doing, how they are doing what they are doing and even the latest trends that they are following all has resulted in the creation of such a mix culture. So it is not really obvious that now even a global language is also becoming popular. Today English is considered to be a global language that is used by many countries and people, therefore the need to be fluent in it also is increasing, and it all starts with your children. Here are a few ways you could help your child learn English.

Learn it for yourself

If you are not fluent in your own English speaking and writing skills, then you are unable to teach them to your child as well. So take up english tuition singapore and learn the language little by little. You could get your child enrolled to such a class as well and work on the skill together. This also the perfect way to spend some time together too! When your child sees you too working on this, he or she is also motivated to work harder and then this kind of learning becomes fun rather than boring! It also encourages your child to make mistakes and learn.

Have fun with the language

There are so many word games that helps you have fun with this language and ‘I spy’ is a famous one that you can try out with your child regardless of whatever age he or she might be. You could also buy a scrabble board and work on your spellings while you have fun too! The more an interest is created, the more encouraged they would be to learn the language.

Read stories

Stories is another fun way of learning the language. Before your child goes to bed or whenever you have free time, read them a story in English and let them imagine things for themselves. Create a picture in their minds with every line or word you say. Eventually their brains would be trained to bring up images of certain words that they’ve heard in the stories and connect the two together, unconsciously they have picked up on the language and are now able to easily understand simple words or sentences!

Listen to the radio

When you listen to things you tend to pick on them better. So tune in the radio at home and let them listen to whatever that is said. This way little by little they might also be able speak English like a pro. Of course the channel you tune in to has to be something interesting. So you can play some music channel or anything else appropriate.

Consider the above tips and work on making learning English fun for your child!

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