It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make certain that the operations in a hotel are running smoothly. Each and every employee is important to make sure that the hotel management team is strong and is successful. The responsibility of all this lands into the hands of the hotel manager. It does not matter whether the hotel is small or big or where it is located. The manager is responsible to ensure that the team is guided and motivated to complete the job.


If you became a manager quite recently, you might feel that you need some advise regarding a few things in order for you to be very good at your job. Your skills should be able to match your job and they should continuously be improved. Here are a few tips that you will need to manage the hotel operations and the improve anything that needs an upgrading.


Being a motivator

Every management team needs a person who will manage and lead the staff to accomplish personal, team and organisational goals and objectives with determination. The best managers are able to pick out the talented recruits for the available vacancies, will always listen to their employees, conducting performance evaluation and always giving them a rewards when they do beyond their job role. Leading by example is one of the best strategies to motivate your staff. Be willing to do something that is not part of your job range, which will help you earn the respect.

Keeping up with the industry

You need to be a knowledgeable individual to ensure that you can keep your team updated. A simple thing that can be done is that you follow a hotel management diploma. Not only will you learn how to run the operations but you will also learn about the global hotel business as well. Don’t forget to read up on the latest trends and updates that you will find on blogs and business sites. Knowing the trends will help you to plan out the short and long term goals for the hotel’s success.

Informed decision

You will be required to make very important decisions on your own and you have to be very quick and confident about them too. Do not forget to keep your staff informed about what is going on and let them.


Your presence

Your presence in the confines of the hotel will make a difference. You have to be connected to the property and the people working in it. Spend some time greeting the guests who come in and get feedback of those who are checking out. Visit areas such as the kitchens, laundry rooms and walk around looking around the hotel. You will be able to understand more about what are the needs of the property.


Be someone who is able to balance the skills, tends, using new technology and strategies that will help you to become a better manager than the previous one!


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