Home tutoring refers to a kind of tutoring that occurs at home.  In singapore, it is just as common as it is anywhere else in the globe. Although many people prefer tutoring at institutions, tutoring in the comfort of your own house has advantages that cannot be ignored. Keep reading to be enlightened.

Get personalized attention

It is only natural for a teacher to be unable to provide attention to every student in a class of 40. The disadvantage of limited time adds to this. If you opt for home tuition singapore, on the contrary, the teacher can assure the student of providing him or her with personalized attention as there is plenty of time the teacher can spend with only one student. This plays a major role in the student’s ability of focusing on the subject.

Improved performance

In the case of tutoring at home, the tutor could come regularly and set a certain number of tasks for the student to complete. The tutor also motivates the student to study effectively and efficiently. This ultimately results in boosting the self confidence of the student. Gradually, the student tends to work hard which results in a major improvement

Advantage for those who can’t go to school

For those who are not able to go to school due to physical or mental disadvantages, thanks to the introduction of tutoring, they will not have to be deprived of education anymore. In addition to this, students with anxiety disorders or anything alike who find it almost impossible to be around people can now gain access to education at the comfort of their own homes.

Lesser distractions

In a group of students, the presence of students with different attitudes is only natural. An institute is prone to have at least one student per class who would act as an element of distraction. This leads to the other students paying comparatively less attention to the lecture. When being tutored, students are given the advantage of full concentration with fewer distractions

Freedom to ask questions

In a class due to the sheer number of students and the embarrassment of asking a question that might sound silly, there may be students who might hesitate in asking questions. Tutoring therefore comes as a relief as they would be able to ask as many questions as they want without hesitation.

Involvement of parents

Tutoring in a student’s residence benefits not only the student population, but also their parents. As the lessons will be done within the student’s residence, parents will be able to feel relaxed as their children will be safe and in an area where they can be monitored easily. In addition to this parents will also be able to analyze the progress of their children.

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