Children need a helping hand sometimes when it comes to difficult subjects. Sometimes parents do not have the time to dedicate to teaching them or helping them with the complex problems their subjects present them. So essentially they need outside help to provide the much needed support for their kids. And this is done most often with tutoring. However finding the right candidate to tutor your kids is not an easy task and one must consider the following in getting the right kind of help.


Parents need to consider where the tutoring takes place, mainly because excessive travel time can impact the kids while increasing costs to the parents as well. If the tutor visits then one must factor in where they are coming from, because longer the distance the higher the amount they will charge. Nowadays you have online tutoring as well, which is an option that you can consider if all other options fail.

Background check

Depending on the levels your kids are learning in school, you will need to pick an appropriate candidate to support them. A good and result oriented teacher should have a thorough understanding of the basic arithmetic principals. For children in lower grades a tutor with a high school diploma will suffice, however for kids in higher grades O level math tuition singapore needs to be provided by an undergraduate or someone with higher level qualification and experience teaching the subject.

Teaching experience

Though some people may be good in their arithmetic, sometimes they are not so good at teaching it to someone else. Therefore teaching skill and experience is also a must when it comes to a tutor. Student needs will vary and their ability to grasp the concepts will also be different, so the selected tutor must be able to understand how to best teach the concepts to the student. Therefore the level of experience they have in teaching or tutoring must be checked.

Classroom size

The reasons you opt to provide tutoring for your kids are because you want them to experience and understand the subject in a better environment than a classroom. Therefore it is important to check the classroom sizes of the tuition centre. If they seem similar to school with twenty to thirty students, chances are your kids will not get the attention they need. Therefore you need to pick classes that focus on smaller groups or opt for one to one tutoring conducted from home.

These factors are important and must be carefully considered in picking the right tutor.



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