It is a great feeling to have pictures to go back to remember the fun days with the people most close to your heart. They may not be a part of the life you are going through right now but their presence in sure to have contributed to the heights life has taken you and it is humbling to remember all the people who supported you along the way. Do you remember the photo album your grandmother would pull out each time you asked her about what it was like growing up or how she met granddad? Was it not wonderful to give a face to all the names and places you heard of through her, well that is what I am talking about.

With the digitalization of photos there is hardly any album or physical evidence of good times spent. It is the occasional photo booth that is set up in carnivals, company dinner dances, wedding and theme parks that is the only time we go back to how it was in the old times.

A photo booth in Singapore is not hard to come by though. Singaporeans love a good laugh and like to have fun in all their family and social gatherings and they do not shy away from the chance to snap a pic of the good times they are having. Keeping in with the pace of the world of the internet these booths now offer animated GIFs, boomerangs and the 180 degree view to be included into your pictures. It is great how they the inclusion of social media trends have somewhat contributed to up keeping the tradition of printed photos. It is amazing how much of joy and excitement a simple set up as a photo booth brings into an event, it is a commonly used ice breaker that can set the vibe for the rest of the evening and capture laughter and happiness in its frame.

The new and improved photo booth has a few tricks up its sleeve in addition to the standard picture taking, it is also able to capture video moments in form of a vlog booth and a 180 time freeze, where guests can express their support at an event or choreograph a brief ski.  The crazy part is that all this takes only about 15 seconds to process. This may seem too out of the world for the dinosaurs such as us but the kids today know just how they work and is immediately hooked onto it and I think it’s time we got on board too.

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