In this age of crime shows and book, everyone holds an interest in criminology. But that does not mean everyone goes on to study this subject in college. Therefore if you are willing to make this you’re major you must be really interested in this area. However, even though you selected this area you may know nothing beyond the basics. Thus, that is why you would conduct some research in order to educate yourself.

You Don’t Have To Become a Cop

Many think that if you are studying this area you would want to become a cop. But that is not necessarily true. That is because in order to become a cop a college degree is not necessary. Therefore you should not think that your only option would be to become a cop. After completing your basic degree you can go on to do your masters. Therefore you should only consider this degree to be your stepping stone. Never think that it would define your entire future because it won’t.

You Can Study Something Else

If you are studying this area remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to it only. That is because many other criminology majors tend to study other areas. They may have a minor in another area of interest. Some even go on to do double majors. Therefore if you want to follow a counter terrorism course Singapore you should do it. That is because there are some areas that would complement your criminology degree. This can be anything from pre-law to psychology. Have an array of interests would, therefore, make it considerably easier for you to find a job.

It Is Not Like In a TV Show

Many individuals fail to realize that criminology has been romanticized in the media. They make it out to be something that you can do wearing high heels. Furthermore, it also appears to be action packed where you run after criminals every day. But unfortunately, this tends to be more of a desk job. That is because you would spend the majority of your time analyzing data. Furthermore, it would also not be an easy task to run after a criminal wearing stilettos. Therefore, make sure you understand the reality of this profession before you enter it. Otherwise, you would spend all your time being miserable and frustrated.

In the present day, there is an avid interest in criminology. That is because the media makes it easy for anyone to solve crimes. Thus, that is why many go on to study this area. But you need to understand the realities of this subject before you pursue it.

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