With a million thoughts running in your head, your parents advising you on taking their lead, hold a degree in MBBS and serve the humanity or become an attorney at law like your cousin who’s apparently very successful, you’re weighed down with a sack full of society’s expectations on your back and flooded with a list of your own aspirations. But where exactly will you invest your time and money? At this point in life, you’re far more than just stuck. Read on for a few tips that would help you choose what will become your identity.

Identify Your Skills.

Just like the saying goes ‘ Look before you leap’  the first thing you undoubtedly need to do before you imprudently plant yourself with any career that’s comfortable is check if the profession you’re about to choose, aligns with the skills you possess. A skill is a unified force of experience, passion and intellect combined. It is your talent. You need to look at yourself and identify what you excel at. If the job you do synchronised with your talent it means you’re getting a chance to nurture your talents and magnify them leading to have an increased level of job and life satisfaction.

Get The Right Education.

Any job you opt for would entail a level of education or a degree in that field. So before you settle down with one, you need to make sure if you’re able to attain the knowledge your passion requires you to have. Be it a hotel management diploma or a bachelor’s  in ACCA, these qualifications will significantly matter in your job Resume and hence, you need to confirm if you’re capable of getting the right education and training that would help get you the tick in the box of your Job Requirements.

Check for Job Opportunities.

A noteworthy consideration to make before you land in a certain career would be to assess the scope and opportunities the job you want would create for you. Especially with technology evolving inevitably and rapidly after the industrial age, a lot of jobs have become redundant and have had a huge impact on labour markets despite the opportunities created. And you need to lookout how many jobs will actually be available in the particular industry you’re about to walk through your life, because like they say it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Volunteer for Internships.

Internships can vastly help you to decide on your future career. When working for a particular organisation in a particular industry, you build your knowledge and learn to get a grip on things you’ve learned in your classroom practically. You would understand how things would work in that environment and if you’re actually suitable to be a player in that game. Either you’ll be motivated to get an advanced degree in that area or be hit with the realization that this isn’t just for you. Whatsoever, you’ll discover before it’s too late!


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