At some point in school you may need to make a choice on the subjects you are going to follow for the rest of the year or semester. And out of all the subjects available for a choice choosing Physics is sure to bring you many benefits. Although it may not seem as such in the beginning, here are a couple reasons why you should be choosing this.

It makes you think

When you are solving sums unlike in other subjects, physics pushes you to truly expand your thinking power. You need to be able to analyze the situation at hand, deduce the right equation to be applied, solved the equation and sometimes even provide reasons for the selection of that equation.

Although it may sound simple when put together like that, the questions presented aren’t as easy as they seem especially because at the first look of it you may think this is the equations to be used but as you keep reading and paying more attention you’ll come to realize that the initial choice was wrong. However, if you manage to capture the basics right on your own or with the help of an o level physics tuition singapore you’ll come to find that this subject keeps getting more and more interesting.

Gives you an explanation

For all those that want to find the deeper scientifically proven meaning behind the way things are the way they are, this subject gives you the chance to explore and understand with reasoning the answers for the questions that you are looking for. So now you don’t have to be satisfied with the simple answer ‘its just the way it is’!

More career opportunities

Just because you chose to study this subject for no reason at all, don’t be too discouraged that it would get you nowhere. All the subjects today have some how or the other been able to progress to a level where you can find career opportunities in ease. Similarly, even with physics you can now explore different avenues rather than being in the mindset that it is only a physicist that you can be if you follow this subject.

Puts your maths to use

If you have ever thought there is no place you are going to need to skill of learning to read a log book or deducing complicated solutions you are wrong. Following this subject in fact requires you to put together all that maths you learnt throughout your life, to good use. Whether it is in understanding equations, solving them or simply making correlations, you’ll obviously need background basics to go anywhere with your work!

Make the choice of following this subject and be one amongst the many that benefit from it!

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