When planning a workshop there are many things that you have to take into consideration. Therefore it is best to begin the planning process early.

The Topic

Before you can select speakers for the event and before you know who your target audience is, you first need to select a topic. The entire workshop will be centred on the topic and therefore you should consider the topic first before you can plan anything else. For example, if you want the topic to be about NLP training then you will have to look around for individuals who have the necessary knowledge. The process of finding speakers may take time. Therefore it is best to start the planning process early and not wait till the last minute.

The Speakers

Depending on the duration of the workshop you can decide on whether you want to get one speaker or more. For example, if the workshop is only for one or two hours then one speaker will likely be enough. However, if the workshop is the entire day then you may need to get around three speakers who will cover different topics.

It will be very beneficial for the audience if you were to get qualified individuals within the field. For instance, having a neurolinguist specialist speaking at the workshop will not only aid in drawing a large crowd but it will also be very helpful and educationalist for the audience as they will be able to gain information from someone who works within the field. It is important that you do not promise a speaker to the audience until the speaker has confirmed his or her appearance at the workshop. For example, if you advertise the event by mentioning a particular speaker then it is vital that you make sure that a particular speaker turns up and you do not change the speaker at the last minute.

The Venue

Before selecting the venue you first need to know how many audience members you plan on having. Based on that you can then select a venue that will be big enough to host the audience. You should also think of the locations before you decide on a venue. The location is important because if it is in a far off place and especially if it is only for a few hours people may not travel a far distance for the workshop. If the location is in a far off area then you should consider providing transport.

The Price

When charging for a workshop you should make sure that what you are asking the audience to pay is reasonable. You should also make sure that the audience gets their money’s worth. When hosting a workshop you should make sure that you provide refreshments for the attendees and you should make the staff organising the workshop is available throughout in case any audience member has any questions or doubts they need to be cleared.

The Time

You should ensure that the event starts on time. This is important because certain speakers may have to leave after they speak and stating late could result in their speaking time being cut down.

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