Like any other industry, change and future strategies are important and must be well planned and carried out in the education industry as well. If a long term strategy is to be successful the key players within the industry must focus on good practices such as engagement, communication, innovation, project management and understanding of prevailing culture. Considering these, let us now look at some strategic ideas for the industry to go forward.

Not a classroom: In the future students will no longer be limited to the four walls in a class room or lecture hall. The future strategy will focus on approaches of blended learning where technology is used to create an environment that reaches beyond the classroom. Candidates from different countries or regions will be working together to enrich understanding of a subject, learn better practices and share ideas.


Supportive learning: The focus is said to be shifting from the grading system to a more supportive and formative assessment system. In this method students will be encouraged and supported to actually learn rather than focusing on grades. This approach is said to be supported with new ways of self assessment and feedback mechanisms.

Treated like a customer: We have all sometime in life learnt in an institution where what needs to be studied is already organised for us. In such methods, the candidate has little or no say in what he or she would like to learn or how they wish to study. This is drastically changing with students being treated more as customers. In doing so individuals of the future will have more opportunities to actively participate in the study programs they will enrol in.


Authenticity: Another idea that is fast expanding is authenticity in what is taught is schools, higher education institutes or universities. More and more people question about how students or children of the future can be groomed to face real life situations in the world as opposed to only focusing on theoretical situations. Vocational training is one idea that is fast getting much attention. There is a great demand and opportunities for people with varied skills such as masonry and woodwork. However,a lack of recognition for these qualifications has led to a decline in the number of enrolments for such courses.


Teacher training:The future strategy will not succeed if teachers are not brought in as well. Therefore retaining valuable and qualified teachers with various approved methods are gaining momentum. Teachers are expected to be given a more participatory role in curriculum design and its delivery.

As you see, the approaches in going forward are more collaborative and transparent. Therefore there are many changes that are expected in years to come.

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