English is one of the widely spoken languages today. Although some countries might prefer not to communicate in English even though they understand, it is still an internationally recognized language. So here are some reasons why you should be working on it yourself.


Did you know that “okay” is the most recognized and understood word across the world? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. The word “okay” is in English. And this in itself proves that English is a widely popular language across the globe. Researchers have also found that at least one out of five people can in fact communicate in English well. So that’s all the more reasons why you should be looking up on primary English composition Singapore for your child especially if English isn’t your native language.

Websites are in English

Most websites you come across on the internet, are actually in English. Sure you can use google translate and turn the page in to a language that you are comfortable with, however that option is limited to only a few sites and translations cannot be obtained accurately. Also, knowing how to understand the language would help you develop your skills better and increase your knowledge too. You can also skip out the extra effort you’ve got to make to translate whatever.

The official language

In 53 countries across the world, the official language is English. So if you ever happen to visit one and not know how to communicate in it, then you surely got to hope that your sign language skills are good enough to get about! It is also the language that over 400 million people consider as their first language. And that is a huge ratio you’ve got to match up to. Make an effort to learn at least a couple common phrases from the language on a daily basis and eventually work on the more complex aspects. This way you can guarantee you wouldn’t be lost in a city where English is widely spoken!

Easy to pick up

The English language is formed with an alphabet consisting of 26 letters. It is not so hard to pick up nor is it too hard to learn. So try out your writing skills too with the language and work on improving it day by day. This way you would be able to watch and enjoy movies of other languages with English subtitles, understand important articles and such.

It’s fun

English is actually a fun language to learn. It has so many interesting things and so much knowledge to give. So try out the adventure yourself by making an effort to work on your English speaking skills.

Consider the above and make the decision to learn the language yourself, to keep up with the fast moving, English speaking world!

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