Assessment times are the most dreaded time for students. There are a lot of cramping and late night studies that are put in to pass and get good grades. However the stress of studying for an assessment can be removed or lessened with some simple and practical approaches. Here are some proven methods you can take to make the process easier and less scary.

  • Organize your study content: it is common practice to have your learning materials scattered about. They may be in books, papers or even on an online device. However in the lead up to assessment time, it is important that you collect all of them and organize them either according to type of assessment or the key themes. In this way you can readily access them in your preparation process.
  • Past paper study: organizing your studies of preparation in line with the questions and exam papers you are likely to get is a good way to get an understanding and a feel for the assessment. Taking an IB mock exam is also a good way to test your level of understanding and knowledge.
  • Study area: this is something most students neglect. Some would have a much disorganized study table or a cluttered room. These will only create an unsettled mind and distractions which will not help you in your efforts to focus. Therefore first identify the best method you can study under. Some prefer total silence, while others prefer some light music. Therefore a method that is convenient and suitable to you should be taken.
  • Recreate similar conditions: in IB math exam preparation, and for other subjects, it is good ideas to recreate similar situation to prepare in. settle in to a room in your home or elsewhere that is without distraction and outside interferences. A timed attempt is required so that you are fully prepared to write answers in a time restricted setting. This also helps you to develop skill in answering questions under pressure.
  • Q&A Sessions: this is a good way to remember important content and test your knowledge. Therefore make use of friends and family around to ask questions and test your abilities. This can be an enjoyable approach as it does not have to be a formal exam setting. This will help you judge the quality of you answers as well.
  • Diagrams: it is said that content are better absorbed when supported with visual aids. It helps you remember things better. Therefore create picture diagrams or study maps to help you relate the relevant themes to each other so that a cohesive picture can be developed. This will help you better understand the overall concepts better.

These are some of the most important steps you can take to plan well for your assessments. Apart from this make sure you eat a healthy and balanced meal as well.

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