When it comes to a child’s education many parents think of only those things that can be taught in a classroom. But you should never restrict your child’s education this way. Instead, you should allow them the freedom to explore their environment. That is because there are countless other activities that are not taught in school.

For The Artist

Your child would have gotten the opportunity to paint and engage in arts and craft in pre-school. But once they begin to go to school the teachers would focus their attention on academic subjects. This would become very disheartening to a child who has the flairs for creativity. In that case, what you can do is enroll them in kids art classes in Singapore. This would then not only give them the freedom to explore their creativity. But they would also be able to develop the skills that they have.

For The Reader

There are some children who discover their love for reading at a very young age. When this happens they would begin to devour anything that they can get their hands on. But normally children do not get to explore this side of their personality in school. That is because except for in pre-school there is no subject called reading. Thus, that is why we advise the parents to create a family book club. You can either restrict this club to family members or recruit neighbors. Furthermore, you can even get children from the school to join this club. Thereafter you can select a list of appropriate books that everyone has to read within a month. Then once a week you can meet up to discuss the book and ask the children questions about these books. This would not only encourage the child to continue with their reading habits. But they would also learn to analyse what they are reading.

For The Blogger

We understand that the internet is a dangerous place for children. That may be why you restrict your children’s access to computers. But there are some children who would be interested in developing their computer skills. In that case, what you can do is create a family blog. But you should keep it private and only allow a few family members to access it. This way you can let your child take photographs and document the life of the family online.

There are countless skills that a child cannot learn from school. In that case, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to teach these skills to their child.

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