Many consider a well-built body a point of attraction. They visit the gym to build and tone their bodies. Whilst it is relatively easy to obtain a fit, shapely body via hard work on the workouts and maintaining the diet, it is not the only thing that can act as an attraction of a person.


Intelligence is sexy

As the saying goes, intelligence is sexy. Even though at the first look you can get attracted to a person, for it to last, there needs to be a certain level of bonding; this can be built on the interests and, likes and dislikes of people. If one feels that the other has also the same tastes, it is a bonding point. However to see someone knows so much of an area of your interest also can be a point of bonding because when people like a certain topic they like to talk about it, and another individual knowledgeable about it can be a real plus point. Today more people refer to the internet than talking to each other; this is mainly because they can get whatever they want by browsing and not discussions with humans.

Train that mind

It has been now found out via research that the brain also can be “trained” as a body could. In Asia, especially parents are keen to have their kids achieve very high goals. In most Asian countries at least the primary and secondary education is free; however paid forms of extra-help are very popular as parents believe without it their children wouldn’t be able to go to universities and obtain degrees to become medical and legal professionals as they wish. To help accomplish this, there are brain training courses Singapore which uses coaching to work through memory, brain speed and attention exercising to result in improved intelligence, skills and navigation.


Build your knowledge base

It is not enough to attend a paid training to exercise your cognitive skills. Even though that can be a stimulant, to grow something there should be a starting point, you can’t grow a void. So it is important to read and gather knowledge, on any topic, really. It doesn’t have to be what you are studying. World is full of marvels and interesting stuff. There is nothing wrong with getting to know extra about what interests you; that can be a great conversation starter and it will help you blend in anywhere. World needs people who knows things, people who are curious about what’s, where’s and how’s.

Be it it’s your child or you, developing cognitive ability is an advantage for anything at anytime. What guarantees a good placement which will lead to a great career is not how many degrees you have, but what are your skills and how you can use them to achieve results.

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