When your teen complains about school you would think that they are merely bellyaching. That is because to your recollection school would not have been this hard for you. But unfortunately, your teenager has a point. In this day and age not only is the material hard to comprehend. But they have to study more and work harder to graduate. Thus, that is why many of them would be struggling in school. In that case, parents would normally think that they will find their way with time. But what if this doesn’t happen? Thus, that is why you need to take some action.

Determine What Their Motivation Is

Some teenagers have a natural tendency to work hard and study. That is because they know how important it is to get an education in order to succeed later in life. Furthermore, there are those that understand the connection between high school and college. They know that they have to do well in school to get into a good college. Therefore they would have the motivation to study hard.

Even if they are struggling in school they would go to physics tuition ip Singapore to improve themselves. But this would not be the case with all the teenagers. Some may not be interested in school at all. In that case, you cannot expect them to study by themselves. Instead, you need to set aside a time every day for studies. Furthermore, you would have to be their motivation. Therefore you need to determine which category your teenager will fall under.

Have Rewards & Consequences

At this age, teenagers would work hard if they would get something for their hard work. Thus, that is why you need to establish a reward and consequence system. If the child goes on to get poor grades there should be some consequences. This can be anything from not allowing them to go to a party to grounding them. This way they would work harder because they don’t want to ever experience these consequences again. But if they get good results you need to reward them. Maybe you can let them go to a sleepover at their friend’s house or even take the car. Having such a system would motivate the teenager to do better. That is because they would know what happens when they get good results or bad results.

Having a teenager struggle in school is not the end of the world. Thus, that is why you should not get too stressed or emotional. Instead, all you need to do is follow the above steps.

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