The reason most of people find maths to be challenging is that the careless mistakes they make mess up everything. So no matter how much you work through a problem, the tiniest mistake in the middle could give you the wrong answer and that is the worst situation to ever be in because that is the first stage to giving up. So here are some ways you could avoid such mistakes and guarantee the right answers from the beginning.

Don’t skip steps

Maths is a process. You need to go through one to get to the other. If you skip too many like in a stairway, there is a chance you could fall. So always make sure that you go through each and every one. We tend to use mental calculations to solve some sums, but if these are done wrong, it could give you a very different answer. So it helps to stick to the pen and paper and have it all written down so that you can look back whenever you need to recheck. And this is what any professional for a math tuition for o level in singapore, would recommend.


This is one of the most important steps that you should always make sure to follow. You never know when and where you could go wrong with the sum. It might seem right at the beginning but when you truly look back and analyse you might come across a tiny detail that went wrong. Following this step also makes sure that you don’t have to over do the sum from the beginning especially when it is a long one. So don’t skip out on this!

Use the right unit

In maths an ‘x’ is different from a ‘y’ and a ‘cm’ is very different from an ‘m’, so always make sure they you get the units right. Even though you might have found the right answers, the simple mistake of writing the wrong unit could make a huge difference. So check ten times if not for twice, to make sure you have got it all right!

Manage time

Time matters a lot when it comes to solving sums. The faster you are the more chances you have to complete the paper on time. So working on your speed of solving problems is key. The best way to do this is by first keeping a clock by your side and working according to the calculated time. The more you stay within the limits, the better you improve your speed and find the easiest ways to solve problems.

So use the above tips and work hard on your maths to become a pro in no time!



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